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Rules and Scoring for Required Events

Judges will be looking for competitors who are confident on stage and seem excited about helping out the Oregon Food Bank. 

The following areas of competition are required for contestants ages 4 and up:

Snowflake Benefit Pageant Personal Intro Samples

Personal Introduction [30% of Total Score]
Contestants will introduce themselves at a marked location center stage making sure to include their name, hometown, and something unique about themselves.  You may also choose to share why Oregon Food Bank and/or food inadequacy is important to you, but that is not required. 

Attire for older competitors (Jr. Teen+) should be what you might typically wear to a job interview such as a suit or nice dress. Younger contestants may wear something similar to the older girls or they may choose something less dressy like slacks and a button-down shirt for boys or a simple dress for girls. And yes, pantsuits for women/girls are also fine!

Introductions must be no more than 60 seconds. 

On-Stage Question [10% of Total Score]
After you have completed your personal introduction, you will stay on stage and be asked an age appropriate question to answer for 10 points possible.  Please try to keep your answers under 30 seconds.  For a list of sample questions, please visit our On Stage Questions page.

Snowflake Benefit Pageant Holiday Wear Samples

Holiday Wear [30% of Total Score]
Contestants wear fun themed casual wear outfits or costumes pertaining to any holiday, not just the winter theme of Snowflake. This event is a fun way to express your enthusiasm for helping out the Oregon Food Bank any time of year.  Feel free to be creative and make up your own routine or use the X’s on stage.  It’s your choice!  Contestants may submit custom music for their Holiday Wear as long as it is already cut to 30 seconds and delivered to pageant directors a minimum of one week prior to competition date.  Upbeat modeling music will be played for any contestants who do not wish to or are not able to submit custom music.

Snowflake Benefit Pageant Formal Wear Samples

Formal Wear [20% of Total Score]
Contestants will have approximately 60 seconds to model their formal wear using an inverse triangle pattern.  There will be X’s marked on the stage. Older age girls (Jr. Teen+) should wear full length gowns (like for a prom or other natural pageants) and younger girls can wear either a full length gown or a shorter party dress if preferred.  Boys should wear suits or nice slacks and button down shirts with ties.  If you have access to a tuxedo, feel free to wear it!  

Snowflake Benefit Pageant

Donations to the Benefit Oregon Food Bank [10% of Total Score]
Contestants who donate the minimum required amount of $50 and/or 25 pounds of food will receive the full 10 percent towards their age division pageant scores. 30 cans of food = approximately 25 pounds.  Food labels have weights on them.

DID YOU KNOW? 25 lbs of food = approximately 19 meals?!

Amounts over the required $50 and/or 25 pounds of food count towards the Supreme Titles and Donation Awards.

$1 dollar cash or check = 1 point
1 pound of food = 2 points

Oregon Food Bank staff and volunteers will be at check-in on pageant day with a scale to get accurate totals and keep a tally of how much our group was able to collect. (And they are very excited to see how much we bring in!) They will then load it on their truck and take it directly to their warehouse for sorting and distribution!

We will be accepting cash, checks made out to the Oregon Food Bank, and food donations during check-in on the day of the pageant as well as online monetary donations which we will accept until March 1st through our Snowflake Team page at: http://engage.oregonfoodbank.org/goto/snowflake

To make it easy for contestants to collect donations, we have created a donations tips page to help out.

Natural Makeup Requirements

Stage Layout for Formal Wear

Snowflake Benefit PageantSnowflake Benefit Pageant

Contestants will model their formal wear using an inverse triangle or diamond pattern. There will be X’s marked on the stage where contestants will stop briefly to look at the judges and audience. We will play slow tempo modeling music and contestants will have approximately 60 seconds to complete their routines. This will be more than enough time as the Hollywood Stage is relatively small compared to many other stages contestants might be familiar with. But wait till you all see how we decorate it!

Stage measures approximately 16ft x 16ft.

For Holiday Wear, Casual Wear and Talent, contestants may use the X's as marked on stage or model to their own routines as long as they stay within the appropriate time limits for each event. Be creative and have fun! More information for these events can be found on our Optionals Page.

Baby Division Required Events

Snowflake Benefit Pageant

Our baby division is for contestants ages 0-3 and is a combined Photogenic (80% of score) and Donations collection (20% of score) competition. Baby Division contestants compete in Photogenic and Donation Collections only and their registration fee includes 1 Photogenic entry.

Compete Details are available on our Baby's Division Page.

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