What Is A Benefit Pageant?

Snowflake Pageant Royalty

There are several different types of pageants, the most common of which are "Natural", "Glitz" and "Semi-Glitz". 

Most natural pageants offer competitors fun opportunities of showing poise in a party dress or prom gown, public speaking through a personal introduction, and learning/practicing interview skills like you would for a job interview. Younger competitors are not allowed to wear makeup and older competitors are only allowed what would be typically worn at a business meeting.

Glitz pageants offer competitions that focus more on modeling abilities and are sometimes called "Beauty Pageants". They usually require that contestants dress up in fancy costumes and wear more elaborate gowns and makeup and they rarely have a speaking or interview portion to their competitions. The popular television show "Toddlers And Tiaras" focuses almost exclusively on this style of pageantry. 

Semi-Glitz pageants are a combination between the two for directors who love the fancy costumes, but want to have an interview portion and not quite as much makeup. So younger girls might be allowed to wear "stage makeup" but they might not be allowed to wear wigs or hair pieces.

Benefit pageants are almost always "Natural" pageants as their focus is more about the issue they are supporting. There might be a costume portion to the competition, but it would be theme related and props are usually kept to a minimum. The other major difference is that entry fees are typically lower and all proceeds from the pageant are given to a non-profit agency.

Snowflake Benefit Pageant is proud to be a natural benefit pageant that is raising awareness and funds for Oregon Food Bank, a non-profit agency that a non-profit agency whose mission is to eliminate hunger and its root causes. Helping communities become more food secure addresses the root causes of hunger and goes hand-in-hand with their work to help people living with low incomes meet their short-term food needs.