Baby Division Details

Snowflake Benefit Pageant Directors

The Baby Division (ages 0-3 as of January 1, 2017) is a Photogenic and Donations Competition.  Registration is only $30 plus a minimum donation of 25 pounds of food or $50 or a combination of the two equaling 50 points.


Photogenic [80% of Total Score]
Baby Contestants must submit a minimum of 1 photo and their registration fee includes 1 entry. Additional entries can be purchased for $5 each and there is no limit. Photogenic Score is worth 250 points. If a contestant submits more than one photo, whichever photo has the highest score will be the one used to calculate the overall score.

Photos will be judged using a combination of composition, background, lighting, and contestant's pose. Because Snowflake Pageant is a natural pageant, contestants in the Baby Division (ages 0-3) must not have any makeup or noticeable retouching. Glamour shots like those used in glitz pageants will not score well in Snowflake Photogenic. Please keep photos 8x10 or smaller and bring prints with you to check-in on pageant day.

Snowflake Benefit Pageant

Donations to the Benefit Oregon Food Bank [20% of Total Score]
Baby Contestants who donate the minimum required amount of $50 and/or 25 pounds of food will receive the full 20 percent towards their age division pageant scores.

DID YOU KNOW? 25 lbs of food = approximately 19 meals?!

1 pound of food = 2 points
$1 = 1 point

(Note:  Most packaged food contains weights on them so you can get a pretty good idea of how much you have.  A single can of fruit, vegetable, soup, chili etc., is typically close to one pound.)

Oregon Food Bank staff and volunteers will be at check-in on pageant day with a scale to get accurate totals and keep a tally of how much our group was able to collect. (And they are very excited to see how much we bring in!) They will then load it on their truck and take it directly to their warehouse for sorting and distribution!

We will be accepting cash, checks made out to the Oregon Food Bank, and food donations during check-in on the day of the pageant as well as online monetary donations which we will accept until March 1st through our Snowflake Team page at:

When we have a better idea of the number of contestants, we will have an exact time for you of when Baby Check-in and Intermission will be.  It should be late afternoon to early evening sometime. 

Snowflake Benefit Pageant


If a Baby Contestant is verbal and would like to introduce themselves on stage, they may do so.  We will be introducing all Baby contestants at the end of intermission right before crowning.  Babies will be crowned first.  So, it is a short and easy day for them. We encourage parents to dress their little ones up in formal wear type dress or snowflake theme outfit for on stage photos and crowning, but it is not required.

Babies do not need to be present to win, so if something comes up, just let us know!  (You just need to make sure your registration, photo and donations are in by the afternoon of March 4th.)

There are also going to be other fun things to do at the pageant including a craft and coloring table, a selfie station, games, hula-hoops, etc.  It is going to be a lot of fun.

Baby Division Prize Package

The baby prize package is especially cute.  The contestant with the highest combined photogenic and donations score wins a big plush bear, a snowflake medal that can be turned into an ornament, a soft wearable tiara style headband, an embroidered satin sash like the big kids, and a thank you card for the parents. 

Snowflake Optionals Trophy

Photogenic Baby Winner: 1 included entry plus $5 for each additional entry
The baby contestant with the highest Photogenic Score regardless of donation totals.  Winner receives a special Most Photogenic Baby trophy.  1 photogenic entry is required for the Baby Division and is included in the registration fee.  Babies may submit additional photogenic entries as an option for an additional $5 fee per photo entry. (no limit)


Baby winners will not be able to volunteer at Oregon Food Bank, but they may participate in other royalty events that do not have an age requirement, including food drives, royalty get-togethers, parades and other appearances.

THREE YEAR OLDS:  If your child turns 4 before the pageant and can compete on-stage without adult supervision, you may request to register for the Kinder Division (4-5yo: Petite Princess and Jr. Prince)  Registration is $75 for this division and includes Intro, On-Stage Question, Holiday Wear, and Formal Wear.)

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Thank you!  :)

(P.S.  Sash in photo is just an approximation.  We have not received the actual sashes yet.)