President's Volunteer Service Award Recognition

President's Volunteer Service Award

We are proud to announce that Snowflake Pageant is an officially approved Presidential Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization. The President’s Volunteer Service Award was started by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation in 2003 as a way to thank and honor Americans young and old (ages 5+) who, by example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

Award Levels

Hours are measured over a 12-month period and awards are designated based on cumulative hours. The awards are offered in multiple levels and are designed to recognize each milestone of your service achievement. Levels include bronze, silver, gold and the highest honor, the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for those who contribute more than 4,000 hours of service in their lifetime.

Hours by Award
  President's Volunteer Service Award Bronze Level President's Volunteer Service Award Silver Level President's Volunteer Service Award Gold Level
Kids (5-10) 26 – 49 50 – 74 75 +
Teens (11–15) 50 – 74 75 – 99 100 +
Young Adults (16-25) 100 – 174 175 – 249 250 +
Adults (26 and older) 100 – 249 250 – 499 500+
Families and Groups* 200 – 499 500 – 999 1,000+
President's Volunteer Service Award Lifetime AcheivementPresident’s Lifetime Achievement Award: 
Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more hours in their lifetime
* Two or more people, with each member contributing at least 25 hours toward the total

Award Packages

Recipients receive:

Along with the ultimate honor of presidential recognition, having documentation of such an accomplishment is helpful when applying for jobs, applying for college, providing proof for high school volunteerism requirments, or for pageant community service paperwork.

Youth Service Award Banquet Hosted by Snowflake Pageant

We periodically have events to recognize and award those who have registered to record their hours with us. Our next event is coming up soon!

Sunday evening, July 23rd, Snowflake Pageant will host a semi-formal dinner banquet to recognize and celebrate community service volunteers. The focus of the event will be for young people ages 5-25, but parents and family members interested in joining in on the fun may sign up for recognition as well. For more details, please visit our PVSA Banquet page.

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