Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them to the best of our ability here. If your question is not on our list, or you still are not clear on an issue, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

Where does the money go?

Registration fees for the pageant including those for Optionals contests go to pay for crowns, sashes, trophies, prizes, location rental, sound and lighting specialist and other operations. If there are any funds left after expenses, they will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.

ALL donations collected will be delivered to Oregon Food Bank, a non-profit agency whose mission is to eliminate hunger and its root causes. Helping communities become more food secure addresses the root causes of hunger and goes hand-in-hand with their work to help people living with low incomes meet their short-term food needs. OFB works to build community food security through

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I can raise money for Oregon Food Bank on my own; why should I compete in a pageant?

First, we encourage anyone interested in helping Oregon Food Bank to do so in any way that they choose. Pageantry is not for everyone, but it can be a really fun way to be recognized for your efforts and even get more attention for a cause.

The goals of Snowflake Benefit Pageant are to spread awareness about food insecurity and hunger in Oregon, raise money for Oregon Food Bank, and help competitors become confident spokespeople all while having fun and making new friends.

Competitors who are selected to become royalty will notice that when they wear their crowns, two things happen: 1. People are curious and more likely to speak to you about your platform and 2. They assume that because you are royalty, you have been chosen for your ability to be a good spokesperson. Then they are more likely to become involved as well.

If you do decide not to compete for a Snowflake Benefit Pageant title this year, we still invite you to come watch the pageant and to join our on-line fund raising team for the Oregon Food Bank.

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Are your Supreme Titles fundraising titles?

Our Supreme titles will be awarded to the contestants who have the highest combined overall scores. This will typically go to top fundraisers, but not necessarily the ones who raised the very most. For example, let's say these 3 have the top overall scores:

Her Overall Score would be 1060.

Her Overall Score would be 1065.

His Overall Score would be 1070.

Austin then becomes the Ultimate Supreme winner, Tiana the Grand Supreme and Stacy the Supreme even though Stacy raised the most money and Tiana brought in the most food.

If this happens, we will be sure to recognize Stacy for her amazing fundraising efforts and Tiana for her donations collected to help Oregon Food Bank, but they will not have won the Ultimate Supreme title this year.

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How will you know how many pounds of food I have?

Oregon Food Bank staff and volunteers will be at check-in on pageant day with a scale to get accurate totals and keep a tally of how much our group was able to collect. (And they are very excited to see how much we bring!) They will then load it on their truck and take it directly to their warehouse for sorting and distribution!

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What if there's a tie?

If 2 contestants have the same score within the same division, we will use their fundraising totals to break the tie.

For example: Lilly and Makayla are both in the Preteen Division and they both receive scores of 480. We look and see that Lilly raised $60 in donations and Makayla brought in $80. Makayla will be crowned the new Preteen Queen.

In the event that they also donated the same dollar amount, we will look to see who had the highest score in Personal Introduction. In the extraordinarily unlikely event there is still a tie, we will look at who had the highest holiday wear score.

Visit our Titles and Age Divisions page for more information about Supreme Titles.

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Do you allow boys to compete?

Snowflake Pageant is all inclusive. Anyone can compete to be royalty and become a spokesperson for food insecurity and hunger in Oregon. This year, we have three boys' titles:  Jr. Prince for boys ages 4-5, Prince for boys ages 6-9 and King for boys ages 10 and up.  Baby boys ages 0-3 join the Baby division.

We have boys' crowns for the 3 boys' divisions. In the event that a boy wins one of the supreme titles, we can discuss plans for ordering a more masculine crown for him to wear if he prefers after the pageant is over.

Note:  Babies (ages 0-3) scores are based on Photogenic and Fundraising totals only.   We believe that, as cute as babies are, they are not really able to compete in the true sense of the meaning.   We think parents who love pageants and want to support Oregon Food Bank as much as we do should be allowed to participate in this way.  We even encourage parents who love pageant competition to enter our older age divisions themselves.

Supreme titles will also be awarded to ages 6 and up only for similar reasons.  As capable as some 4 and 5 year olds may be, Oregon Food Bank requires children to be at least 6 years of age to volunteer.  We want our Supreme Title holders to be able to fully participate in royalty events and so we have set our minimum age requirement to meet the requirements established by Oregon Food Bank.

Visit our Titles and Age Divisions page for more information.

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I don't live in Oregon. Can I still come to the Snowflake Pageant in Portland to compete?

YES! Absolutely! You are more than welcome to collect donations for the Oregon Food Bank or even donate your time and money to your local food pantry if you like. If you choose to donate locally, you just need to bring an official letter from your pantry stating that you gave them at least $50 and/or 25 pounds of food with you to pageant check-in to complete that portion of your pageant score.

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How do I find the nearest Food Bank?

Oregon Food Bank is the coordinating agency for a statewide network of 21 Regional Food Banks and approximately 970 private non-profit partner agencies that provide food to people experiencing hunger throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington. You can find the nearest food bank to you by visiting:

Oregon Food Bank is a member of the nationwide Feeding America network. You can visit their website to find a food bank near you no matter where you live in the USA! Just visit:

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Does Holiday Wear need to be snowflake or winter themed?

Contestants may wear fun themed casual wear outfits or costumes pertaining to any holiday, not just the winter theme of Snowflake. This event is a fun way to express your enthusiasm for helping out the Oregon Food Bank any time of year. Contestants may also submit custom music for their Holiday Wear as long as it is already cut to 30 seconds and delivered to pageant directors a minimum of two weeks prior to competition date. Upbeat modeling music will be played for any contestants who do not wish to or are not able to submit custom music. Feel free to be creative and make up your own routine or use the X’s on stage. It’s your choice!

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Do you have a no-compete requirement?

Snowflake Benefit Pageant is like most other benefit pageants in that we do not require competitors to give up any current titles they might have with other systems or prevent them from competing elsewhere in the future.

If you win a title, we do require that you make at least 3 public appearances during your year of service representing Snowflake Benefit Pageant. That includes volunteering at Oregon Food Bank with the royalty group at least once and could also include participating in a fundraiser, appearing in a parade, promoting our system at an event and so on. There are many appearance opportunities for title holders to make appearances during the year.

You will want to check with other systems that interest you, though, to make sure they don't mind if you hold a pageant title elsewhere. Most systems are fine with multiple titles, especially benefit titles, as long as you are not a National representative in their system. Just make sure you can make time to promote all of your titles as required by each pageant.

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How do I find out more?

For more details about registration, competition requirements, scoring, fees, optional events, venue, deadlines, walking patterns, how to submit custom music for holiday wear or Talent, how to buy a Snowflake Benefit Pageant tshirt, how to create a donation page at OFB, and more, please check out the links in the navigation bar at the top of the page or send us a message using our Contact Form. And thank you for your interest in Snowflake Benefit Pageant!